Anonymous Domain Registration

By using our legal address, phone, fax and email, we ensure that your anonymous domain is properly registered at Whois Database, which does not lead to a loss of the domain when domain names are registered with false information.

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Domain Pricing

TLD Price per Year
.com .net .org 14'95 EUR
.biz .info 13'95 EUR
.co .cc 34'95 EUR
TLD Price per Year
.in .uk 18'95 EUR
.pw 13'95 EUR
.tv .me 38'95 EUR

No personal information is required to register your anonymous domain name.
We only require a valid e-mail address.

Total Privacy Guarantee

Our Information is placed in the "Whois" database, not yours. We accept all incoming email messages, filter them for spam and viruses, and forward them to a private email account known only by you.

Complete DNS Manager

When you register domain names with us, we give you full control over the management of your domain DNS records(A, CNAME, MX, URL and Email Forwarding), with our advanced web based DNS Manager.

Domain Ownership

You have complete control of your anonymous domain. You retain the full benefits of domain name registration and retain the right to: Cancel, Sell, Renew or Transfer Out your domain name.

Payment Methods

VindoHosting is able to accept a wide variety of payment methods for domain name registrations: Credit Cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, PerfectMoney, Bitcoins and Bank Transfer

About VindoHosting is one of the largest anonymous hosting provider in the world backed by thousands of satisfied customers.

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